Learn a sun kissed look

Sun kissed, glowing skin is always made better with a touch of blush! This fresh-faced, dewy look is perfect to wear on a daily basis and a key part of achieving that "lit-from-within" glow is a hint of color on the cheeks. Just blend our Berry Red and Warm Caramel balms to create the perfect shade.

Lip: Simply apply with your index finger directly to the centre of your lips and lightly blend outward to build your look.

Cheek: Feel your skin and add a natural colour to your face. Use your fingers to pat lightly the balm along your cheekbones, focusing on the apples of your cheeks.

Lid: For a glowy and dewy effect, just apply a little bit in the centre of your lids and dab outwards.

About these shades: 
The right pop of Berry Red can instantly restore a healthy glow, warm up your skin tone and make you look more awake in seconds. This colour balm full of warm undertones will brighten up your entire face. 

The Warm Caramel colour balm is a pretty peachy brown with mellow undertones that will brighten up your entire face. Its soft texture is easy to apply and work with, giving your face a healthy and natural glow that lasts all day.