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We are a group of diverse individuals - scientists, academics, business, and creative minds - united by shared values. We believe beauty products should deliver science based benefits, natural and clean formulations, ethically sourced and produced in the most sustainable way.


Justine Jenkins is a highly acclaimed makeup artist celebrated for beautifying the best of British and international actors and celebrities. She is the leading ethical, vegan, organic and cruelty-free cosmetics pioneer, working alongside a number of charities including PETA and Humane Society International. Her advocacy for an eco-conscious beauty routine made Justine Jenkins a natural choice to be the SoC Brand Ambassador and its Independent Makeup Creative Director. Her new book, Sustainable Beauty, will be launched in December 2021.


NIAB is a plant research organisation based in Cambridge, established in 1919. NIAB has an international reputation for expertise in plant genetic & agronomic work with crop varieties and seeds. SoC is proud to be born in the NIAB laboratories at the Eastern Agritech Innovation Hub, where its pioneering technology of pigment extraction from fruits and vegetables, in an eco-friendly way, was developed. This collaboration also ensures that SoC has access to some of the best raw materials and crops from UK's top organic farms.

Solent University

SoC partnership with Solent University, spearheaded by Sharon Lloyd, Course Leader, has been established to define the brand portfolio. Make-up graduates from Solent are renowned for their excellent design conceptualisation skills alongside an innovative approach to the industry. A collaboration programme was launched, empowering the Solent students to co-create and contribute in the making of this eco-friendly and sustainable pioneer clean beauty brand. 

Planting Mangrove SeaTrees in Biak Island Indonesia

Innovation Agri-Tech Group

Thinking in sustainability and protecting earth's natural resources, SoC is working with British agricultural technology company Innovation Agri-Tech Group. IAG owns and operates one of the largest indoor vertical farms in the UK. Its cutting technology drastically reduces water usage with its aeroponic growing systems and enables farming in the middle of urban landscapes. SoC and IAG are collaborating towards an agricultural industry that is genuinely and wholeheartedly sustainable.

SeaTrees Reforest the Ocean

Seeds of Colour is partnering with SeaTrees to restore blue-carbon coastal ecosystems in Biak Island, Indonesia. SeaTrees works directly with high-quality reforestation and forest protection projects around the world. Each of these projects sequester carbon, while also providing significant social and ecosystem benefits. We are working together to plant one tree for every order sold. SoC believes these projects reduce climate change impacts and increase biodiversity on land and in the sea.


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