Berry Red

Lip, Cheek, Lid

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What it is: A smoothy natural pigment for lip, cheek and lid that love a pop of colour. Perfect and dermatologically tested for all skin types.

About this shade: The right pop of Berry Red can instantly restore a healthy glow, warm up your skin tone and make you look more awake in seconds. This colour balm full of warm undertones will brighten up your entire face. 

How it works: Achieve a buildable, blendable flush of natural colour thanks to our unique extraction technology for coloured plant pigments and highly antioxidant botanical extracts. Our cleaner, greener, living ingredients are what sets Seeds of Colour apart. This lightweight multi-use balm has a soft touch that helps to keep your skin smooth and protected.

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A 3-week consumer testing panel of 105 women, aged 18-60, using a set of three samples of the multi-use natural colour balm.
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"Every so often an innovative and bold new brand comes along that challenges, trailblazes and pushes the natural-beauty-bar even higher. I am super excited about 'Seeds of Colour'. Sustainable to the core, their exquisite and select range of multi-use colour balms are high-performance and radiance boosting. Beyond this, they are cost-effective, packed with antioxidants and TOTALLY natural.".

Justine Jenkins